Prof. Marco Pavone

Assistant Professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Director, Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Postdocs and Ph.D. Students

Mo Chen

Postdoctoral student

Robotic Safety

Jonathan Lacotte

Control theory, optimization and statistics for stochastic decision-making problems

Matt Tsao

Statistics, probability theory, and learning theory

Apoorva Sharma

Uncertainty-aware robotic learning and control

Boris Ivanovic

Deep learning and robotics

Joseph Lorenzetti

Robotic optimal control

Negin Heravi

Gecko-inspired grippers for space grasping and manipulation

James Harrison

Safe robotic learning

Abhishek Cauligi

Real-time spacecraft motion planning

Benoit Landry

UAV planning and control

Karen Leung

Thunder from down under

Ramon Dario Iglesias

The intersection of computer science and real-world infrastructure

Andrew Bylard

Autonomous space robotics and proximity operations

Ben Hockman

Hopping on asteroids

Stefan Jorgensen

UAV swarms that learn

Sumeet Singh

Guaranteed safe planning

Brian Ichter

Parallel planner and uncertain, kinodynamic sampler

Edward Schmerling

Part-time rocket scientist

Federico Rossi

Autonomous mobility-on-demand and distributed decision-making


Anirudha Majumdar

Postdoctoral student

Probably safe motion planning under uncertainty – now at Princeton

Yinlam Chow

Risk-sensitive and data-driven sequential decision making – now at Google Deepmind

Rick Zhang

Autonomous mobility-on-demand

Ross Allen

Sword fighting a quadrotor – now at SpaceX

Joseph Starek

Astrodynamicist and robotic trajectory designer – now at Space Systems Loral